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Meteor Trailer
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Phim Meteor - Meteor - Vietsub - HD phát hành năm 1979


107 Phút

Quốc gia: Âu Mỹ

Đạo diễn: Ronald Neame

Diễn viên: Bo BrundinBrian KeithHenry FondaJoseph CampanellaKarl MaldenMartin LandauNatalie WoodRichard DysartSean ConneryTrevor Howard

Thể loại: Hành Động, Khoa Học, Viễn Tưởng

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Nội dung phim

After a collision with a comet, a nearly 8km wide piece of the asteroid “Orpheus” is heading towards Earth. If it will hit it will cause a incredible catastrophe which will probably extinguish mankind. To stop the meteor NASA wants to use the illegal nuclear weapon satellite “Hercules” but discovers soon that it doesn’t have enough fire power. Their only chance to save the world is to join forces with the USSR who have also launched such an illegal satellite. But will both governments agree?

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